Time Space Existence – Biennale di Venezia 2018


The success of the Milan Exhibition was followed by the staging of the exhibition space, which can still be visited at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, realized by Studio Marco Piva on the occasion of the 2018 Architecture Biennal.

The “gemstones” of Vitaera, backlit, serve as support to three architectural models of as many buildings in design and construction phase: a futuristic private residence in Beverly Hills, California, an avant-garde sports center designed to be built in England, Italy, UAE and in the United States and lastly the prestigious complex of the Cultural Centre of Yuhang in China.

In addition to evoking amazing applications in the different design contexts, Vitaera’s materials also introduce, in an emotional and engaging way, very unusual perceptions and effects that certain stones bring to the environments in which they are embedded.

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Time Space Existence – Biennale di Venezia 2018