Over the course of history, Agates have been some of the most widely – used gemstones, for a multitude of reasons. They are known as stones which offer protection of all kinds against all harms: nightmares, stress, fatigue, storms and bad luck. In ancient times, they were the main component of amulets and talismans and were widely used by sailors and travelers. Nowadays, we don’t wear amulets just as much – but there are other ways to take advantage of their unique powers.

Under a microscope, these stones appear delicate and soft, but they`re actually very firm and have strong physical capabilities. Apart from their high strength, they also have impressive balancing powers, bringing equilibrium to physical, emotional and intellectual energies. Wild Agates are used as balancing stones for Yin and Yang, positive and negative, light and darkness.

Since they promote inner stability and equilibrium, they also make people more mature, composed and self-confident. Not only will they boost the productivity and morale of the entire office, they will also encourage artistic imagination, and stimulate inspired decision making.

These are all qualities which are not only welcomed but necessary in any working office, where one would need employees and managers which are inspired and confident. These, of course, are not embedded in a stone which is anything less than extraordinary in looks.

Due to all these great qualities, we’d recommend using Agates in places where teamwork is essential. Working offices, meeting rooms and other such areas are ideal locations to place Agates – especially if you want to also raise the style of the room.

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