Different types of quartz stones have different unique properties, although none of them can be easily forgotten. Smoky Quartz, for example, is formed after generations of slow work inside the Earth’s crust, only to be unveiled later as a semiprecious stone. Due to its origins, it instantly upgrades every space and brings it closer to the planet, in a natural, elegant and beautiful way.

These effects are visible both in the physical and spiritual areas. In the human mind, Smoky Quartz fights against fear, depression and other such issues and installs a general state of calmness. Physically, it stimulates detox and eliminates pain, creating an overall state of welfare for its neighboring beings. Its effects do not stop here – the stone has incredibly good influence on the reproductive, muscular and nervous systems. With all these great benefits, you’d want to spend as much time around it as possible. Did we also mention is banishes bad dreams and promotes good rests? Naturally, it should thus be used in areas where humans spend most time in. Sleeping areas are ideal because of this, and also because they are often the place where we need serenity and energy the most.

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