Amethyst is another semi-precious stone which has been widely used for thousands of years – running all the way back to Ancient Greece. The name itself – roughly translated as not intoxicated – has a fascinating story: Bacchus, the God of Wine, had a vengeance planned for the next person he would meet. This person turned up to be a young girl, on her way to pray at the temple of Diana. She was actually saved by the Goddess by being changed into a pure, white crystal. Bacchus, regretting his initial decision, poured wine on this crystal, giving the gem it’s fascinating purple color – which will go on for centuries.

With such an origin, the stone is expected to have miraculous properties. It is one of the most spiritual gemstones, balancing the physical, mental and emotional realms and purifying a person’s aura. It is great for fighting against addictions, helps focus and calms the mind. It also stimulates and balances a person’s metabolism and purifies blood.

Considering all these properties, we strongly recommend using Amethyst in dining areas. Its extraordinary features will help people digest food easier, better, and avoid any unnecessary excesses. It is truly a beautiful stone with fantastic powers!

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