Petrified wood is basically fossilized wood that has had it’s organic matter replaced by stone, bit by bit, as it decomposes. The wood structure is maintained, but the wood fibers are slowly changed into stone. Special rare conditions must be met in order for the fallen wood to be transformed into precious Fossil Wood or Petrified Wood and this process could take up to one thousand years to complete. Petrified Wood is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason, too – who wouldn’t dream of decoratong their home with the end result of processes which took thousands of years?

We will call petrified wood a stone from now on. It’s unique features revolve around stabilizing one’s emotions and generating feelings of safety and security. Brimming with confidence and power, it has often been viewed as a stone for leaders, both for its mental and physical qualities. It teaches us patience and encourages one to pursue their goals, being an excellent stone of business success and emotional stability. The latter is all about benefits for the bones, skin, and hair – and can also relieve back and hip problems.

If you`re longing to connect with Mother Nature, you can choose to honour your home by including Petrified wood in your interior design arrangement plans . It’s a good method to create a link with nature in the comfort of your living room, where you could also use the stabilizing properties of petrified wood. It’s an easy way to make sure you live in harmony with the Universe, the Earth and your inner self.

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