Since ancient times, humanity has tried to bring natural beauty from the outside into its homes. This was done by importing colors, shapes, and textures from nature – some with more success than others. While certain materials have changed over the millennia, others have remained vastly the same, as is the case of quartz. Quartz is one of the most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystals on the planet, but does its miraculous properties stop here?

Apart from its excellent physical qualities, which include robustness and strength, quartz is renowned for amplifying energies and bringing balance to the human body. It doesn’t only affect one’s physique, but also one’s spirit, raising energy levels to the highest possible value. This isn’t spiritual gibberish either: this effect can clearly be seen in Kirlian photos, where a person holding a White Quartz crystal doubled the size of their energy field. Having this power to work with should not be taken lightly. White Quartz is a special kind of stone which brings even more to the table: improving tact and cooperation.

That being said, we recommend using quartz in places where human interaction takes place most often. The first example that comes to mind is a hotel lobby. It’s a place where guests need to feel relaxed and empowered after a long journey, and they need every help in this sense they can get. White Quartz can turn a simple lobby into a traveler favorite – which also looks astonishingly well.

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