Thin brass lines, defined contours and a semi-precious stone that gives an interstellar touch to the ensemble: this is the secret formula that makes the Zenith wall clock so extraordinarily beautiful.

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Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s architectural creations, product design and interior design. The effort in material research and technology, the value of differentiation and innovation, lead to an intense design production, that becomes one of the most representative in the context of Italian creativity and design.

Vitaera Symbol

VITAERA was born from an international experience and represents the Italian expertise in the production and sale of semiprecious stones for interior design.

These stones come from Madagascar, a land of varied and fascinating geography and geology, and have been shaped by the progressive sedimentation of rocks formed through intense volcanic activity. Even after 200 million years, they preserve the mysterious strength of the natural elements and inspire many unique emotions.

After the deposits are brought to light by the monsoon rains, the precious stones are harvested with great respect to nature and the people and economy in those areas. The processing of the raw material is entrusted to India, to the skilled hands of their artisans, heirs of a millennia-old tradition in stone working.

The stones and crystals are carefully extracted, selected, polished, and combined together to create surface designs which are truly works of art, crafted with mastery, quality and minimum use of resins -standards which would be inconceivable at an industrial mass production scale.

The beauty of nature is enhanced, paying great respect to the raw material used in the process and its sustainability. The comfort of the Italian home is dressed in the colors of luxury. Semiprecious stones are incorporated into and reinvent furnishing elements such as tabletops and large decorative surfaces in every type of project in which one wishes to combine a strong personality with the magical beauty of nature.

This is our core concept:

VITAERA, New Life on Earth that transforms every living space from ordinary to extraordinary.